Monday, January 21, 2008

Dedicated to Tia Anne

I was feeling kind of nostalgic today. On the train, with L. reminising about trips to Paris, riding the Metro, heading back to the apartment with cheese, baguette and wine in hand - toss in a couple pastries, too!

When we finally got home, to our realistic home, it was rainy and drizzly, so we or maybe just I, needed some comfort food. I knew just what to make.

Mile high biscuits, from the Hollyhocks and Radishes cookbook, that my Great Aunt Anne, gave me - it was one of my first cookbooks, loaded with comfort food. The biscuit recipe is definitely the best one I have ever made. It has been awhile since I have opened the pages, but for some reason, thinking about Paris, food, being with the ones you love, she came to mind - maybe because of her sense of adventure and Paris is exactly that for both myself and L.

Regardless of the sentiment behind this meal, it was lovely. L. poured us a glass of Lillet, while I made the dough for the biscuits (keep in mind L. hates when I make biscuits, not because he dislikes them, because he can not just eat one or two - he eats ALL of them) and warmed the stew. We set the table, simply with tea lights in the little glass yogurt jars from Paris and opened a bottle of RN13 Vin de pique-nique and set down for a nice evening!

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