Saturday, June 23, 2007

Ten Wines to be Tasted .......

We picked up an assorted case of wine today. We each got to add 6 bottles to the case and the only rules were that it had to be something we wanted to drink and it had to be under $10 a bottle ... not $10.99, under $10! When we got home we each picked 5 out of the case (the other two are the token ones for emergencies). The ten we picked we will be featuring in our tasting! After we taste them, we will either keep it or leave it. If, it is a keeper, it will be added to the Best Wines for under $10 list on our blog! Stay tuned ... we have some drinking to do!

Ribs! Ribs! Ribs!

Last night we had our friend W. over for a cookout. Warm evening in the city and we were going to take advantage of our beautiful deck & Weber! Started the evening with a bottle of 2004 Tobin James Dusi Vineyard Zinfandel and a Hummus Platter. The food was great and the wine was FANTASTIC - juicy, jammy and spicy all wrapped up in one! We then grilled up some beef short ribs which I had rubbed down with a Chipotle Pepper and Salt rub, that I made earlier in the day. These ribs are really outstanding - full of flavor!! I am drooling just thinking about it - summer addiction for warm nights on the deck! Served it with an Asian Inspired Slaw that I tossed together and then we popped open a 2004 Tobin James French Camp Vineyard Zinfandel - another winner which really complimented the grilled beef, which was slightly spicy as well as the sweetness in the slaw! We ended the night with chocolate anglefood cake which I bought at Whole Foods and covered it with those great strawberries I have been raving about! Fantastic meal for a warm summer night in the city!!!

The Three Macarons

Labors of Love ....... Verbena with a basil buttercream filling Lavender with a honey buttercream filling Hibiscus with a strawberry rhubarb filling

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Blue Moon Strawberries

I picked up some strawberries at Whole Foods, today, mainly because they were so darn cute. Bright red & petite and some were oddly shaped, but really cute! Then I took a bite ................... the sweetest, juiciest, sinful strawberry I have ever had - I am completely in love with Blue Moon right now!

Super Woman ....

Not sure who I think I am today ~ maybe all of your inspirations have done this to me! Baking Portuguese masa, French macarons (3 flavors), Hummus, making homemade yogurt (which is really easy & super tasty) and baking some Zucchini bread (old family recipe)...all in this 20 Sq. Ft. kitchen! As well as the usual living stuff: errands, house-work, laundry, my job, yard work, breathing ...... Stay tuned!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Vietnamese Food with a French Flair

Check it out ............ TAO

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Lamb Sausage

Finally grilled those Lamb Sausages - fantastic! Served with some grilled eggplant which was drizzled with olive oil and sprinkled with grey sea salt & fresh ground pepper. Roasted a mixture of yellow, orange & red beets with thyme & made a simple salad drizzled with olive oil and balsamic vinegar, feta and more grey sea salt. Dessert .... simple summer figs!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Zucchini Ribbons

The theme this week is: "Create something from what you have on hand"! I made some zucchini ribbons and created a risotto with a bit of chili flakes and lemon. Let me say one word to describe this meal, "Delicious"!

This Week .................

....... is all about creating a flavor explosion in your mouth from what we have on hand - I won't be able to get to the grocery for a few more days this week!

Sunday Night

Tonight was a very special occasion for us. We or I, usually make something special but since every meal in our house is special, we decided to go out. As well this french bistro has a special meaning for us!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

The last few days ......

have been away & did not have any internet access as well, we ate out every night! Great meals will continue this week .......come back soon!