Friday, January 11, 2008


...... maybe it was the weather or something, but, we were lazy tonight. L. had left over soup from the other night. I had a hunk of baguette smothered in butter and Roquefort cheese - Divine! The only thing missing was a big glass of earthy red wine!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008


We got the Jamie Oliver, Jamie's Italy cookbook for Christmas - pretty excited as we watched the filming of the making of the book while it was airing.

Since, it is such a chilly night and since L. really loves Kale, I decided to make the Ribollita recipe from the book. Very easy recipe! Very delicious! The only thing, mine came out to "red", I think because I used crushed tomatoes instead of whole ones. Regardless, the flavor was fantastic!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Nothing too exciting ...

just some left over soup from the other night. Tossed together a salad of baby greens with celery root and baked a batch of biscuits, mainly to warm up the house - it is freezing out! Did I mention, we are trying to lower our cholesterol so we are adding flaxseed to everything!

Okay, time to sit back, drink some tea and listen to L. complain about doing dishes!

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Gluttony .....

that is what the past weekend has been all about. Upon arriving back home with a very rainy weekend in store, we decided we should stay as close to home as possible! Every January, we give up alcohol for a month and start eating healthy, again, at least better than we had the past holiday season. This time we decided to take advantage of the terrible rainy weekend and stay in and indulge before the clean living starts up. We definitely fulfilled that sin - lots of good food being cooked, bottles of wine & champagne to be drank, lots of sleep and being lazy in front of a TV (which we never do), some shopping and one incredible dinner out at Delfina.

Tonight we decided to start the clean living with a simple soup - a Provencal vegetable soup with Pistou, served with a crusty loaf of bread and some very creamy blue Roquefort - incredible!!!! Now we are settling in to warm up the evening with a cognac, the last drip of alcohol for the month!