Friday, September 14, 2007

Salt Cod

Also, known as baccalá, bacalao, bacalhau, and morue. Cooked with potatoes and served with eggs, olives and spicy peppers. L.'s mom made this special treat for us for dinner .... as always it was Very good unfortunately, not very local though.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Our first Portguese Feast in our home

L.'s mother started cooking up a storm for us early in the day & some of the good news most of it was local and /or organic, so we were able to keep up with the challenge. As her cooking always is, it was very delicious. L. was very happy (7 chicken legs later)to have a home cooked meal that reminded him of home - having his family next to him made he even more happy - this in turn made me happy. (we are all a bunch of happies now). We started with a rice based soup which we added bits of chicken as well as a squeeze of lemon. Very light and refreshing. Reminded me of a dish my grandmother and great-grandmother made, but with rice and garlic - we usually got it when we were not feeling well. The main course was a baked chicken dish with potatoes (I love these guys) and chorizo - spiced with peppers, wine and tomato.

Monday, September 10, 2007

We are back ...

but not cooking yet. Cleaning like bangies instead. L's parents are coming to town tomorrow to visit for a week. L.'s mom is a GREAT cook and she is Portuguese, so there will be lots of great food in our house the next few days. And, it will or most of it will be local, too! Come dine again!