Saturday, July 7, 2007

The 3 Little Beans .....

went right into my mouth! I have not had a 3 Bean Salad in years! I dressed the 3 little guys with a shallot, red-wine and Meyer lemon juice vinaigrette & served them with a warm toasty piece of a French baguette!

Friday's Dinner

Chiptole Pepper Salt Rubbed Pork Steak, b-b-qued to perfection! Served with a traditional style slaw with a Dijon Mustard dressing!

How Does your Garden Grow.....

We have been trying to grow tomatoes, pumpkins, spicy little peppers, Meyer lemons, etc... in our garden for about 4 years. About the only thing that really does well are Favas! They grow like 4 foot weeds! Can not complain .... they are delicious!!!

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

French way of eating ..

One of my favorite meals when it is just me, is a nice glass of wine, some outstanding cheese & a nice baguette! We have a tendency to eat this way very often when we are in France but do not do it at home as a couple - Why, I ask myself? L. is still out of town .... and maybe I was just missing him and our last trip to Paris; but, the two got me thinking and I whipped this up for dinner. A nice baguette with warm goat cheese & sliced tomatoes, I sprinkled some minced lavender over the top which added a very refreshing taste to this dish - bursting with flavor with the heirlooms and herbs! I also had an excellent glass of Malbec! Bon Appetite!

Monday, July 2, 2007

U-Pick Berries

We went to Webb Ranch to pick berries .... logan berries, blackberries, raspberries, boysenberries - tons of fun and tons of berries! Made homemade ice cream with some of them. Used David Lebovitz basic Vanilla recipe & then swirled some mixed berries that I had crushed and let sit for awhile, into the soft ice cream during the last couple minutes in the ice cream freezer! YUMMY!

Too Cute

Okay, I hardly ever buy anything frozen - the occasional bag of frozen fruit when out of season, a pint or two of ice cream, the sweet peas that L. loves so, a couple of Portuguese Chorizo from his mother and that is about it in our freezer except for the token bottle of gin, some plastic ice cubes (they don't dilute your drinks) and some beer glasses. Well, walking down the frozen section at the grocery the other day, I saw the cutest little guys and just had to bring them home for dinner! The Itsy Bitsy Ravioli from Rising Moon Organics. Look how cute they are all cooked & wrapped up in a little olive oil, and a drop of fresh pesto all topped off with some shaved Parmesan! Truly almost too cute to eat!! Delicious! I highly recommend!

Sunday, July 1, 2007

All Choked Up ...

L. is out of town - can you guess by the simple meals going on! Steamed with lemon, olive oil and a little white wine - served with good old mayo and an icy cold belgian beer! Yum!