Thursday, September 20, 2007

Cute Eggplants

These were the cutest eggplants I have ever seen, I just had to buy them! I found them at the new Wholefoods Market near our neighborhood. Okay, so they are cute and you ask yourself, "but, were they good?" They were delicious! We sauteed them with a little oil, chili peppers from our garden, lemon zest from our neighbors Meyer lemon tree, and basil from our garden. Served with brown rice - not local rice, don't think I can get local rice - but it was organic - all of it was!


Elle said...

It's neat to see how well you are doing at eating local foods. I'm trying to do that with things from the garden and the quince and walnuts and apples, plus bread from local bakeries and other things from the farmers market. Past that it gets tricky. Rice is grown an hour away...does that count?

Chez Denise et Laudalino said...

Yes, it does get tricky. We are done with visitors come this week so we are really going to give the last week our all! Excited for some good home cooking!