Sunday, January 6, 2008

Gluttony .....

that is what the past weekend has been all about. Upon arriving back home with a very rainy weekend in store, we decided we should stay as close to home as possible! Every January, we give up alcohol for a month and start eating healthy, again, at least better than we had the past holiday season. This time we decided to take advantage of the terrible rainy weekend and stay in and indulge before the clean living starts up. We definitely fulfilled that sin - lots of good food being cooked, bottles of wine & champagne to be drank, lots of sleep and being lazy in front of a TV (which we never do), some shopping and one incredible dinner out at Delfina.

Tonight we decided to start the clean living with a simple soup - a Provencal vegetable soup with Pistou, served with a crusty loaf of bread and some very creamy blue Roquefort - incredible!!!! Now we are settling in to warm up the evening with a cognac, the last drip of alcohol for the month!

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