Monday, March 10, 2008

Thai Basil and Beef Salad

Donna Hay, again! Love Love Love this recipe! You can tell by this recipe that we are in the summer edition of her magazine. Very tropical tasting with the lime and ginger in the dressing and cool and refreshing with the bite of the cucumber with just enough kick from the spicy red pepper - kind of grabbed you at the beginning and then just drifted into your taste buds! The beef fillet we used was from Marin Sun Farms - can you say BUTTER???!! The beef from this farm, has to be the best there is, at least in this area. Melt in your mouth, no need for a steak knife beef, just melted onto the coolness of this salad! YUM!

You will definitely be tasting more of this over at our house.


White On Rice Couple said...

Delicious! you can't go wrong with DH's stuff. So fresh, simple and flavorful! I love reading her magazine, but it's a little pricy though! $$$

Cakespy said...

Wonderful descriptions--enough to make me nearly taste it and want to try it very much!