Friday, March 14, 2008

Tarragon and Pancetta Roast Chicken

L.'s aunt Goretti from Boston and his cousin, Patricia, from the Azores are visiting us for a few days and I decided to try out a new dish on company; which, mind you is something I usually never do. I have a standby roasted chicken dish that I seem to serve whenever we have people over for dinner from out of town. After all, you can not go wrong with the chick, everyone loves a good chick, right?! Well, MOVE ON OVER stand-by chick, you have just been replaced by the new chick in town - Tarragon and Pancetta Roasted Chicken!

This chicken is not only SUPER easy but it is so darn good. The skin is raised on the chicken and lightly stuffed with a breadcrumb, tarragon and pancetta mixture and then cooked to perfection. The stuffing sealed in all the juices, making an ultra moist and juicy chicken - so succulent! I usually do not care for tarragon; but, with the saltiness and flavors of the pancetta it was just like spring time in Italy!

You have to try this one, it will be your new favorite dish to fall back on.


White On Rice Couple said...

Pancetta with ultra juicy, moist chicken sounds great! And you've got some great sides there too! Roasted baby red potatoes, green beans, and ... is that whole garlic cloves we see? Yummy!

D & L, your photography and food styling are really stellar. We want to get closer to your wonderful dishes and lick our computer screen clean! Can you make your photo's a little bigger for us to salivate over? Sorry, we like big portions!

Patricia said...

Oh Denise...that was the delicious Chikchen i had the pleasure to eat! It was really good! Thank you for your sweetness! i reaaly apreciate it!

I don´t understand about cooking, but i do apreciate the photos! lol You know what i love for photography that is now getting out a little bit!


Sophie said...

We would like to feature your roast chicken recipe on our blog. Please email if interested. Thanks :)

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