Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Dark Chocolate Madelines

with essence of fresh Seville Oranges. I love Seville Oranges and I always buy them when we are in Europe. Unfortunately, I have never seen them in the Bay Area; which, has bummed me out as I have wanted to try making David Lebovitz's Orange Marmalade.

Today was my lucky day. I stumbled upon Seville Oranges at one of our favorite little neighborhood markets, Bi-Rite. I had to buy them! All the way home I thought about what I would do first besides the obvious .... devour them! Then it hit me, I had to come up with something sweet and chocolately - Death by Chocolate like - as well, I wanted something for L. to take back to Boston for his family.

These little cakes are perfect for someone you love or for a sweet sinful little snack - as well they are simple to make!


Cakespy said...

Nice entry! Is the orange taste subtle or strong??

Chez Denise et Laudalino said...

Not strong at all. Very nice in fact. I was out of regular flour and used whole wheat pastry as well, turned out nice!