Sunday, January 13, 2008

Saturday Night

we decided to have our friends J. & D. over for a French feast, sort of a delayed ringing in the New Year sort of thing. Was a great evening!

Unfortunately, we started drinking the bubbly and did not get many photos - you will just have to drool over the thought! Started the evening with a bottle of Champagne and pepper & Parmesan gourges. The two go really nicely together - bubbles and pepper that is. Then we moved to a grapefruit and avocado salad with a Dijon dressing. Nice combination, crisp coolness of the avocado and the tang of the grapefruit, followed by the mustard dressing. The main course was a roasted lemon chicken with onions and croutons - all were from the Paris cookbook by Barefoot Contessa, which I highly recommend (easy and good recipes) and some sauteed green beans. Was a fantastic evening of food! Dessert was ....... well, that is a secret! A Daring Baker Secret! You will have to come back in a couple weeks for that and you will NOT be disappointed!

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