Monday, December 17, 2007

Our apologizes ...

for leaving you stranded in our kitchen for so long! We have had a terrible time, trying to find time to stay home - too busy, since coming back from the Costa Rica. Definitely, dying to get some quality time hunkering down at home - maybe 2008!

We did get a chance to toast the holidays with some friends of ours over the weekend - D., JT, & S. (who is in from Boston). I have been dying to cook a Cassoulet since taking my classes at Tante Marie - what better time than now!

Started the evening with a nice bottle of bubbly wine and Gougere Puffs - I did not have Gruyère cheese so I compromised and added what I had on hand - goat cheese! They came out a little heavier than usual but very tasty, especially with a glass of bubbly! We then moved on to the star attraction, Cassoulet! I was quite happy - the duck fell off the bones, and the flavor was fantastic. Could use a touch more salt but otherwise, very good. For dessert I whipped up a Chocolate Souffle. I had some extra pistachios so I crushed them with sugar in the old food processor and coated the sides of dish before adding the sinful part of the souffle. Not the same as I usually make, more like pudding with a crunchy topping, very rich and sinful. We highly recommend!

Overall, a fantastic evening. Great Friends and good food - the best way to ring in the holidays!

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