Wednesday, November 14, 2007


L. is over in CR racing away right now, I am here trying to get myself ready for holiday and I have not cooked in a week. We started this blog with the intentions of sharing what we eat no matter what it is. Overall that is what we have been doing but as you can tell I have a tendency not to post what I eat when L. is out of town. I don't eat! Well, I do, but a bowl of soup is not that exciting for me nor for you, right? Occasionally, I do get a bit more daring and toss in a little extra morsel but this week, I have been trying to fit back into my teeny tiny bikini and just stay above water - too busy! So, what am I saying? It has been declared National Soup Week over at Chez.

I am off now, to meet my man for a much needed holiday! We are completely disconnecting in Costa Rica; no phones, no TV, no internet, no blogging, just us and a few icy cold beers and an abundance of seafood!

Come back & dine with us soon! Maybe we will bring back some new ideas for our kitchen!

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